The Mezőtúr Industrial Park at the Industrial Days 2018 exhibition

Between May 15 and 18, 2018 was held the International Industry Day Exhibition (Ipar Napjai, 2018) in Hungexpo, where the Mezőtúr Industrial Park was also represented. The purpose of the participation was to promote the Industrial Park, - the sale / rental of free spaces, - inviting investors to our city. In addition, to publish the events and attractions of Mezőtúr. The stand of the Mezőtúr Industrial Park was honoured with the presence of Zsolt Herczeg, Mayor of Mezőtúr. During the 4 days, we have informed many interested investors about the investor-friendly possibilities of Mezőtúr, which we offer to companies intending to settle in our city.

Many visitors came to the stand who had been already in Mezőtúr: they were born here, they learned at the local College, there were soldiers in the Barracks, or worked in the brick factory in the past years. To our great joy, everyone remembered feeling good about the times they spent in our city.
We are confident that our presence in the exhibition will bring fruit and more and more people will come to our city for investment or tourism purposes.
Lajos Szűcs
Managing Director, Mezőtúr Industrial Park Ltd.

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