The Local Government of Mezőtúr is the sole owner of Mezőtúr Industrial Park Ltd, which owns the territory of Mezőtúr Industrial Park (Mezőtúr, hrsz: 01707), located on the outskirts of the city. Our goal is to develop the Industrial Park by finding out the companies that settle down and create the conditions for successful cooperation. Our company also offers the possibility of renting warehouses and workshops.
The Mezőtúr Industrial Park is an ideal investment target. Its territory and geographical location allows to settle for larger companies. Our park is in continuous development. We are looking forward to settling businesses without bureaucracy. Mezőtúr is the home of infinite possibilities! It has all the institutions and services that can be expected from a European small town.


Territorial conditions, data
The town of Mezőtúr won the Industrial Park status in 1999. The public utility of the Industrial Park was built on 20 ha in 2001. Further public works were completed in 2021 for the entire area (electricity, water, sewage, gas, road network, public lighting and communication network).
The total area of ​​the Industrial Park is 45.6 ha, of which 39.6 ha can be used - the area is 20.2 ha and the available area is 19.4 ha. It is possible to expand from the area to the south, east and west, taking into the size of the park to 63 hectares. The Industrial Park is located on the outskirts of the Mezőtúr, along the Szolnoki road, with a 6.5 m wide road access.

The smallest plot size is 2000 m2
The largest contiguous area is 45 000 m2
Sales and rental prices are made after a personal meeting.

Infrastructure Supply:

Utilities capacities Present: Expandable
Drinking water: 800 m3/day 350 m3/day
Sewage drainage: 1000 m3/day 350 m3/day
Gas supply: 3000 m3/h
Rainwater drainage: Solved VII / 1 channel
Electrical Supply: 5 MVA 4,5 MVA
Transport facility: 2x1 traffic lanes "D" load o. 6.5 m wide

We provide unique, personalized services to the settling companies. All settled businesses are dealing with bureaucracy-free extra-speed administration.
A significant part of the business is coordinated with the tasks related to urban development, professional participation. We cooperate with the staff of Mezőtúr Városfejlesztési (Urbandevelopment) Kft. and we started to develop tendering monitoring, project preparation and development programs.
We consider it very important that the Settlement Development Concept has been revised as planned, in the 2009 business year. The Integrated Urban Development Strategy Program and the Anti Segregation Plan, which are obliged part of the individual projects, have been prepared.

There are currently 7 companies in the Industrial Park:
Syngenta Hungary Ltd. (Seed processing)
KAPTÁR B Ltd. (Wind turbine)
Aivarex Ltd. (Metal machining)
Erdős individual enterprise (Alcoholic spirits production)
Mumgép Ltd., Umwelt Ltd. (Earthmoving machinery manufacturer)
Mezőtúri Catering Ltd. (Storage)
MIP Ltd.
Only those industrial enterprises can enter the Industrial Park that do not process seeds and do not pollute the environment.

Companies operating in the city are obliged to pay local business tax (2% of net sales) and construction tax (350 HUF / m2).
Investing in the Industrial Park, especially in case of greater job creation (200 people), the City Council can offer a significant discount (20-50-60%) to reduce land prices. In case of any investment, it will be able to provide non-refundable EU grants (40-50%) for investment, and related job creation (HUF 1 million/person). These grants can only be obtained through an tender. It also provides support for the development of professional training tailored to the profile of investors.

Significant benefits may also be given to the classification of the Special Entrepreneurial Zone for those intending to settle.
The city has a thermal water quintessence rated as a major medicinal water. The use of wellness, fitness and spa hotel purposes is being prepared under a major project. The city awaits investors for the project.
Also included in the development is the development of a recreational village for the development of the backwater system for water and fishing tourism, and we are also waiting for investors.

Property in Mezőtúr Industrial Park

Serial Plot ID. Area size
2. Syngenta Hungary Ltd. 12,0049 ha
3. 01707/40 4,6326 ha
4. AFS-Agro Kft. 4,6327 ha
5. 01707/39 2,6388 ha
6. 01707/38 2,6387 ha
7. 01707/37 5,2778 ha
8. MIP Ltd. 1996 m2
9. Coming soon 7388 m2
10. 01707/34 1,0463 ha
11. AIVAREX Ltd. 5271 m2
12. 01707/33 1,2257 ha
13. Mezőtúri Catering Ltd. 5486 m2
14. Túri Párlat Kft. 1057 m2
15. KAPTÁR B Ltd. 1662 m2
16. MUMGÉP Ltd. 1,001 ha
17. 01707/29 1,0690 ha
18. Fehér István és Társa Ltd. 5604 m2
19. István Róbert Bosnyák 6005 m2
20. 01707/44 5998 m2
21. 01707/45 6095 m2